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Math 3 F15

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Math 3 F15 Syllabus


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Aug 24 

Introduction to course

M3 Intro to Class.pptx

Aug 25

Unit 1 Statistics Day 1 - Normal Distribution

Unit 1 Statistics F15.pptx This ppt is for the ENTIRE UNIT!

Guided Notes Day 1.docx

D1 CW Working with Z Scores.docx

D1 HW Using the Empirical Rule.docx

Aug 26 

Day 2 - Normal Dist cont.

guided notes day 2 norm dist w tech.docx

D2 CW Normal Distribution.docx

D2 HW Normal Distribution.docx


Video made my Mullen!

Aug 27 

Day 3 - Sampling Methods & Observational Study vs Experiment

U1D3 Guided Notes and HW Sampling.docx

D3 Obs Study or Exp round the room.docx

Aug 28 

Day 4 - Bias

D4 CW Biased or Unbiased Practice (cut ups).docx

D4 HW Representative Sample Scenarios.docx

D3 and D4 Guided Notes.docx

Aug 31 

Day 5 - Margin of Error

D6 CW Margin of Error Worksheet.docx

D5 HW Margin of Error Practice.docx

Sept 1

Day 6 - Representative Samples

D6 HW Simulations.docx


Sept 2 

Day 7 - Simulations

D7 CW Simulations.docx

D7 HW Simulations.docx


Sept 3 

Day 8 - Simulations cont.

D7 - Simulations day 2 big groups.docx

D7 - Simulations day 2.docx

Sept 4  Early Release

Day 9 - Kahoot review and notecard

Sept 7 

Labor Day 


Sept 8 

Day 10 - Review for Unit 1 Test

Unit 1 Stats REVIEW.docx

M3 u1 trst rev ans.pdf


HW - make notecard

Sept 9 

Day 11 - TEST Unit 1


Don't forget to bring your notecard!

Sept 10 

Unit 2 Linear Programming

U2 Agenda HW M3.doc

Day 1 - Systems of Eqns review

Solving Systems all.pptx

3-2 Solving Systems.pdf

Sept 11 

Day 2 - Graphing Systems

Quick Knowledge U2.docx

Systems of Equations by Graphing Notes.doc

Sept 14 

Day 3 - Systems of Inequalities

Systems of Inequalities Notes.doc

systems of inequalities practice.doc

M3 gnotes sysineq key.pdf

Sept 15 

Day 4 - Intro to Linear Programming

LinearProg Notes Set #1 Cons ObjFunc.ppt

Constraints Obj Functs CW.doc

Constraints Obj Functs HW.doc 

Sept 16 

Day 5 - Linear Programming

Apps of Linear Prog NOTES Set #2.ppt

notetaking-linear programming.pdf

Sept 17 

Day 6 - Linear Prog cont.


HW - do #3


Sept 18 

Day 7 - Linear Prog cont.

Linear Programming 7good apps.docx

Linear Programming BigPaper.pptx

HW - do # 10 from the 9/17 problem set


Sept 21 

Day 8 - Review Unit 2A


Unit 2A stations review.docx

M3 u2a stations key.pdf

HW - Study for test!

Sept 22 

Day 9 - TEST - Unit 2A Linear Programming

Sept 23 

Teacher Workday



Sept 24 

Unit 3 - Polynomials

Day 1 - Classify, Add, Subt. Polys

Classifying, Degree, Adding and Subtracting Polys.pptx

Sept 25 

Day 2 - Multiplying Polys

Multiplying Polynomials.pptx

Multiplying Polys Matching Game.pdf

Sweet 16 addsubt poly.pdf


Sept 28 

Day 3 - Synthetic Division

This page contains lots of helpful videos!

Video from class

syntheticdivision hw.doc

synthetic division.ppt

Synthetic Division v2.ppt

Sept 29 

Day 4 - Polynomial Long Division

Long Division.pptx

Long Division Graphic Organizer.docx

Long Division HW.docx

Video - Long Division

Sept 30

Day 5 - GCF and Factor by grouping

5-4 Factoring Polynomials Notes Day1.doc

Factoring by Grouping Practice HW.docx

Special Cases and Grouping.pptx


Oct 1 

Day 6 - Factoring trinomials and difference of squares





Oct 2 

Day 7 - Factoring Sum and Difference of Cubes

Video for factoring +/- cube

Factoring Sum and Difference of Cubes.pptx

Factoring Worksheet formulas and all types.doc


Oct 5 

Day 8 - Solve by factoring and graphing

Solving (graphing and factoring).pptx

hw solving quads.doc

Unit 4A Ch 5 all.pptx

5.5-SolvingQuadraticEquations factgraph.pptx

Oct 6 

Day 9 - Complex numbers and the quadratic formula

Complex Numbers.pptx

Homework- Complex Numbers.docx


Oct 7 

Day 10 - Applications


HW - do the assignment from 10/6


Oct 8 

Day 11 - Review

Unit 3 Review.docx

Oct 9 

TEST - Unit 3

Oct 12 

End Behavior

U3 Agenda HW M3 miniunit polys.doc

End Behavior updated with video.pptx

end behavior matching.docx

Zeros and EB CW.pdf

HW - 5 probs from board

Oct 13 

Graphing and Solving Polynomials

Finding the Zeros and Graphing.pptx

M3 graphing and solving polys notes.pdf

Video - zeros and multiplicity

Video - sketching poly graphs


Oct 14 

Solving Higher Order Polynomials

Special Case Solving.pptx

Math3 Unit3Day12 Guided notes.docx

Solving Special Cases HW.docx  Do ODDS only!



Oct 15 

Mini Unit Review Day



Oct 16 

Quiz - Polynomials

Oct 19 

GBMP Unit 3 Polys (during classtime


Pass out midterm review

Oct 20 

Clock appointments - midterm review

Oct 21 

Midterm Review

Oct 22 


Oct 23 
Oct 26  Oct 27 

Oct 28 

Graphing Simple Rational Functions.pptx

Graphing Simple Rational Equations.pdf

Oct 29 

Asymptotes and Holes

Asmptotes and Holes.pptx

Rational Functions CW mullenrevised.docx Rational Functions HW.docx

Oct 30 

Graphing Rationals Review


Nov 2 

Simplifying Rational Expressions

Simplify Rational Expressions.pptx

Simplifying Rational Expressions.docx

simplifying rationals around the room.docx

M3 hw simplifying rationals.pdf

Nov 3 


Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions.pptx


HW mult div rats.docx   Left column only


Nov 4 

Adding and Subtracting Rationals (like denom)

Adding and Subtracting (like denom).pptx

Homework 4.6.docx

Nov 5 

Adding and Subtracting Rationals

Add Subt (with unlike denom).pptx

Video unlike denominators

Homework 4.7.docx Do NOT do the complex fractions!!

Nov 6 

Solving Rational Equations

Solving Rational Equations.pptx


Solving Rationals Homework.doc

Video 1

Video 2

Nov 9 

Review - Unit 4 Rationals

Unit 4 Review.pdf

Test review answers.pdf

Nov 10 


Nov 11 


Nov 12 

Unit 5 - Logarithms and Exponentials

Exponential Functions

INB notes for Growth and Decay and Transformations.docx

notes key.docx



Nov 13 

Intro to Logarithms



Nov 16 

Solving Logarithm and Exponential Equations

Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations.ppt

Solving Exp and Log Equ.ppt

log war cards.docx

Solving Logs and Expo Equations d1 and 2.pdf  HW - every 6th problem

Nov 17 

Solving Logarithm and Exponential Equations cont


Solving Logs and Expo Equations d1 and 2.pdf  CW - tiered assignment

M3 cw logtier.pdf

Solving Log and Exp Eq.pptx HW is last slide

Nov 18 

Word Problem Applications


WP stations logs (after solving).docx


Nov 19 


Inverse Notes Day 1.docx

HW - end of Gnotes


Nov 20 

Inverses cont.

Inverse Notes Day 2.docx

HW inverses d2.docx


Nov 23 

Review - Logs and Exponential Functions

Unit 5 Review M3.docx

M3 u5 logs rev ans.pdf

Nov 24 

TEST - Logarithms and Exponential Functions

Nov 25 



Nov 26 



Nov 27 



Nov 30 

Unit 6 - Trigonometry

Day 1 - Circles and Angles

Unit 6 Day 2 Class Notes Math3.pptx

M3 u6 d1 vocab board.pdf

M3 unit6 d1 notes and hw.pdf

Dec 1 

Day 2 - Algebra Circles

Guided Notes Eq of Cirlce.docx

Equations of a Circle.pptx

HW - alg circles.docx

Dec 2 

Day 3 - Completing the Square

Video - how to complete the square

Video - circles and completing the square

equation of circle.pdf Pass Papers activity

M3 pass paper cmplt sq circles.pdf  answers

M3 hw circle cmpt square.pdf

Dec 3


Day 4 - Radians and Degrees, Coterminal Angles

Video - standard position and coterminal angles

Video - radians and degrees

Radian and Degree Measures of Angles.pdf

Day 2 - Radians and Degrees.pdf  


Dec 4 

Day 5 - Angles and their measure

Unit 6 Day 5 Class Notes Math3.pptx

Radian and Degree Measure.ppt

wksh 6-1 - Angles & their Measures.doc

Video - Reference Angles

Dec 7 

Day 6 - Right Triangle Trig

M3 brainstorm rt tri trig.pdf

Video - Getting Triggy with it!

M3 Right Triangle Trig all 6.pptx

M3 Right Tri Trig Rev.docx Finish for HW 


Dec 8 

Day 7 - The Unit Circle

Unit Circle.pptx

blank unit circle.pdf

M3 unit circle

Fantastic website - videos notes and more!

duckett.pdf HW is middle page!



Dec 9 

Day 8 - Unit circle cont.


HW - fill out unit circle.  Quiz tomorrow!


Dec 10 

Sine and Cosine Graphs

Investigation graphing trig.docx

HW - fill out unit circle!

Dec 11 

Sinusoidal graphs cont.

Alg II T T_6 Sin and Cosine Graph Equations.docx

Alg II T T_6 Part II Translate 15.docx

Dec 14 

Arc lengths and Area of sectors

M3 arc length and area.pdf

U1D3 HW CCM2.pdf

U6D2 HW.docx

Dec 15 

Review - Unit 6 Circles and Trig

M3 Unit 6 Test Review.rtf

M3 u6 key review.pdf

Dec 16 

TEST - Unit 6 Circles and Trig

Dec 17 

PBL - NASA Alg 2, Geom, Trig

Nasa pbl trig f15 student.pdf

Dec 18 

Early Release

Finish PBL

 Jan 4

Final Exam Review D1

Unit 1 – Statistics Review.doc

 Jan 5

Final Exam Review D2


 Jan 6

Final Exam Review D3


 Jan 7

Final Exam Review D4


Jan 8

Final Exam Review D5

Unit 5 M3 Final Exam Review.docx  

Jan 11

Final Exam - 4th pd! 




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