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Final Exam Review M2 F15

Page history last edited by Shelly 4 years, 7 months ago


HERE is the county released questions for Math 2.  The state objectives are provided along with sample questions.  There are topics in this document that we did not cover during class and therefore will not be on the exam.


HERE is a Math 2 final exam study guide.  It contains a list of topics for each unit along with practice problems.  Again, there are some things covered that we did not do in class, so you won't be tested on them.


HERE is a Math 2 final exam study guide.  It was designed for Honors so there will be topics included that we didn't cover.  It includes a vocabulary section at the start of each unit (which I really like!) along with a mixture of short answer and multiple choice practice questions.  The answers are provided at the end.


HERE is a giant multiple choice packet for Math 2.  You can completely omit Unit 6 (since we never did probability) and you can ignore most of Unit 4, although there are a couple of great quadratic questions in there.  I have the answers which I will post at a later date; we will probably use some of these questions for in class review activities.

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