Math 3 S16

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Math 3 Syllabus


Student Information Sheet








Jan 18

Jan 19


Jan 20

M3 Intro to Class S16.pptx

HW - Fill out the Student information sheet and get your syllabus signed!

Jan 21

Unit 1 Statistics Day 1 - Normal Distribution

Unit 1 Statistics F15.pptx This ppt is for the ENTIRE UNIT!

Guided Notes Day 1.docx

D1 CW Working with Z Scores.docx

D1 HW Using the Empirical Rule.docx


Jan 22


Snow Day


Jan 25


Snow Day

Jan 26

3 Hour Delay

Finish z-scores and empirical rule

Both 1/2 sheets are due for hw on Wednesday!

Jan 27

Day 2 - Normal Dist cont.

guided notes day 2 norm dist w tech.docx

Normal Prob Cards.doc

D2 CW Normal Distribution.docx

D2 HW Normal Distribution.docx


Video made by Mullen!


Jan 28

Day 3 - Sampling Methods & Observational Study vs Experiment

U1D3 Guided Notes and HW Sampling.docx

D3 Obs Study or Exp round the room.docx


Jan 29

Day 4 - Bias

D4 CW Biased or Unbiased Practice (cut ups).docx

D4 HW Representative Sample Scenarios.docx

D3 and D4 Guided Notes.docx


Feb 2

Day 5 - Margin of Error

D6 CW Margin of Error Worksheet.docx

D5 HW Margin of Error Practice.docx