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PreCalc S16

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Pre-Calculus Syllabus


Student Information Sheet








Jan 18


Jan 19



Jan 20

Welcome to Precalc!

Intro to class precalc s16.pptx

topten ncempt 1415.pdf

Video - Radicals  Watch and take notes for class tomorrow!  THIS is your HW!

Jan 21

Radicals review
Radicals.pptx MCMinutes 

Radicals wkst.doc

Radicals wkst Answers.doc

Video - Describe angles

Video - Convert radians <> degrees

4.1 Notes-Day 1.pdf

4.1 Notes-Day 2.pdf  These are the guided notes for the video (HW)

Jan 22


Snow Day

Jan 25


Snow Day

Jan 26

3 Hour Delay

Unit 1 - Trigonometry

Quiz - Radicals

HW Agenda U1 Trig Pcal S16.doc

Day 1 - Angles and their measure

Angles and Their Measure Notes ds.ppt

Angles and Their Measures HW.doc

HW - Video on right triangle trig.  Take notes to be checked in class!

Jan 27

Day 2 - Right Triangle Trigonometry

T2 Right Triangle Trig Ratios WS.doc

HW - take notes on Video - Trig at any angle

4.4 Notes-Day 1.pdf

4.4 Notes-Day 2.pdf

Reference Angles video



Jan 28

Day 3 - Trig at any angle

T3 Trig at Any Angle WS.doc

HW - Unit circle time!

Fantastic website with videos, tricks, etc

The Unit Circle shortened.ppt  if you'd prefer to take notes from this

Jan 29

Day 3.5 - Review of Trig thus far

Right triangle trig review notes.pdf


Feb 1

Day 4 - The Unit Circle


Quiz - Trig at any angle

Video - Graphs of sine and cosine

Video  - part 2 of graphing sin and cos

Feb 2

Day 5 - Graphs of Sine and Cosine


Feb 3

Day 6 - Graphs of other Trig Functions


Video on tan and cot

Video on sec and csc

Feb 4

Unit 1 Trigonometry Review



Feb 5

TEST - Unit 1 Trigonometry

Feb 8

Feb 9

Feb 10

Feb 11


Feb 12

Feb 15

Feb 16

Feb 17

Feb 18


Feb 19

Inverse Trig


Feb 22

Feb 23


Feb 24

Feb 25


Feb 26

























































































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