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HMath 3 F16

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H Math 3 Syllabus


Student Information Sheet









Aug 29

Welcome to Honors Math 3!

HM3 Intro to Class f16.pptx

HW - Get syllabus signed, fill out student information sheet.  Sign up for Remind!

Aug 30

Unit 1 Statistics - Day 1 

Ways to collect data; sampling design

U1 Agenda HW HM3 F16.doc

Statistics Powerpoint F16.pptx This is the powerpoint for the ENTIRE UNIT!

Notes and HW Sampling.docx

Obs Study or Exp.docx




Aug 31

Day 2 - Bias

Bias Guided Notes.docx

Biased or Unbiased Practice.docx




Sept 1

Day 3 - Margin of Error; Population vs Sample

Margin of Error for Estimating a Population Mean.docx


D4 HW Representative Sample Scenarios.docx


Sept 2

Day 4 - Quest


Quick Knowledge.doc


Sept 5





Sept 6

Unit 1 QUEST



Sept 7

Unit 2 - Linear Programming

Day 1 - Systems of Equations and Inequalities by Graphing

U2 Agenda HW HM3 F16.doc

Unit 2 Systems HW EBA.docx 

Systems Foldable.docx

2.1_hw key.pdf

Sept 8

Day 2 - Linear Programming

LinearProg Notes Set #1 Cons ObjFunc.ppt

Constraints and Obj Functs HW.doc

2.2_hw key.pdf



Sept 9

Day 3 - Linear Programming cont.

Apps of Linear Prog NOTES Set #2.ppt

Linear Programming 7good apps.docx

Linear Programming BigPaper.pptx

2.3_hw key.pdf




Sept 12

Linear Programming Wrap-up







Sept 13

Day 4 - Systems of Equations Substitution and Elimination


2.4_hw key.pdf



Sept 14

Day 5 - Matrices

Matrix Operations.ppt

Matrix mult and dets.ppt 

2.5_hw key.pdf

Sept 15

Day 6 - Linear Systems in Three Variables

Matrix inverses.ppt



Sept 16

Review Unit 2

Unit 2 Review F16.docx

M3H Unit 2 Rev anskey.pdf

Sept 19

TEST - Unit 2 Systems

Sept 20

UNIT 3A - Quadratics and Factoring

U3A Agenda HW HM3 F16.doc

Unit 3A HW packet.docx

Unit 3A Homework Answers.pdf


Day 1 - Exponent Rules, Operations with Polynomials

Exp & Poly Notes for INB.docx



Sept 21

Day 2 - Factoring: GCF, Grouping, Difference of Squares

Video - GCF

Video - Grouping

Video - Difference of Squares


Sept 22

Day 3 - Factoring Sum and Difference of Cubes; Factoring Trinomials





Sept 23

Day 4 - Mixed Factoring 

Factoring Flow Chart.pdf



Sept 26

Day 5 - Quiz, Solve by factoring and graphing


Sept 27

Day 6 - Quadratic Formula with Complex Solutions


Sept 28

Review - Unit 3A
Hm3 unit 3a review key.pdf  

Sept 29

TEST - Unit 3A


Sept 30

Early Release


Quadratic Applications

Oct 3

Unit 3B - Polynomials

U3B Agenda HW HM3 F16.doc

Unit 3B HW Packet.docx

Day 1 - Long and Synthetic Division

3B.1 Guided Notes.docx

Oct 4

Day 2 - Graphs and End Behavior


Math3 - Unit3Day2 - Zeros and End Behavior Guided Notes-1-2.docx

Oct 5

Day 3 - Multiplicity and Roots



Oct 6

Day 4 - Mid Unit Review and Quiz


Finding the Zeros and Graphing.pptx

M3 graphing and solving polys notes.pdf


Oct 7

Day 5 - Solving Polynomials Completely


Special Case Solving.pptx

Math3 Unit3Day12 Guided notes.docx

Oct 10


NO SCHOOL - Hurricane Matthew

Oct 11


Day 6 - Writing Polynomials from Roots

3B.6 Notes.pptx

3B.6 hw key.pdf

Oct 12



Oct 13

Review Unit 3B

Unit 3B Test Review.docx



Oct 14


TEST - Unit 3B Polynomials

Oct 17


Assign Q1 Project on Applications of Polys

Applications of Polynomials Project (1).docx

Applications of Polynomials

3B.7 Applications of Polynomials.docx


Oct 18


Work on Projects with group in class

Oct 19




Work on Projects with group in class


Oct 20


Mini Unit - Sequences and Series

D1 - Explicit and Recursive Formulas

Math 3H seq series notes.docx

Oct 21




D2 - Practice Recursive and Explicit Formulas

Oct 24


PROJECTS DUE - Presentation Day



Oct 25


D3 - Sums, Series

Series and Summation Notation.pptx

Oct 26


D4 - Applications of Sequences and Series


Applications Scav Hunt.docx

Oct 27


Review - Sequences and Series


Hm3 seq quest rev ans.pdf


Oct 28


QUEST - Sequences and Series



Oct 31

Unit 5 - Rational Functions

U5 Agenda HW M3H.doc

Unit 5 HW Packet.docx

Day 1 - Simplify Rational Expressions

Simplify Rational Expressions.pptx


Simplify Rational Expressions Puzzle.doc

Nov 1

D2 - Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions

Multiply and Divide Rationals.pdf



Nov 2

D3 - Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

WO Wed 1102.pptx



Adding and Subtracting (Like and Diff. Denominators).pptx




Nov 3

D4 - Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions


Nov 4

D5 - Mid unit Review, Quiz


Nov 7

D6 - Solving Rational Equations



Nov 8



D7 - Solving Rational Equations

Nov 9

D8 - Graphing Rational Functions


Nov 10

D9 - Graphing Rational Functions


Nov 11


Nov 14

Quiz - Solving and Graphing Rationals

Nov 15

Review Unit 5 - Rational Functions

Unit 5 Review.docx



Nov 16

TEST Unit 5

Nov 17

Unit 6 - Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

U6 Agenda HW M3H.doc

HW Exponentials and Logarithms F16.docx

Day 1 - Basics and Properties of Logs

Introduction to Logarithms.pptx

Introduction to Logarithms NOTES .docx


Nov 18

D2 - Finish Properties of Logs

Solving Exp and Log Equations

Solving Logs and Expo Equations d1 and 2.pdf




Nov 21

D3 - Continue solving log and exp equations

Task Card Activity

Nov 22

D4 - Quiz on Properties of Logs and Solving

Nov 23

Teacher Workday

Nov 24


Nov 25



Nov 28

D5 - Compound Interest

Nov 29

D6 - More Applications of Logs and Exps

Applications of Exponential Functions.pptx


Nov 30

D7 - Combinations and Compositions of Functions


Dec 1

D8 - Function Compositions and Inverses

Composite functions.pptx

Composite and Inverse Functions EBA.docx


Dec 2


D9 - Inverses and begin review


Dec 5

Review - Unit 6 Exps and Logs

log_exp_rev ans key.pdf

Dec 6

TEST - Unit 6 Exps and Logs


Dec 7

Unit 7A - Circles and Trigonometry

U7 Agenda HW M3H.doc

7A HW.docx






Dec 8

Equations of Circles

7.2_circle_equations hw.pdf


Dec 9

Angles and Their Measure (Degrees)

Dec 12

Quiz - Circle Relationships and Equations

Angles and Their Measure (Radians)

coterminal and degrees.pptx

7.3 Angles and their Measures Notes.docx

7.3_angles_and_their_measures hw.pdf

7.4_angles_and_measures_radians hw key.pdf

Dec 13

Right Triangle Trig Review

7.5_right_triangle_trig hw key.pdf

Dec 14

Unit Circle

blank circle for triangles.pdf

blank unit circle.pdf

7.6_and_7.7_ hw key.pdf

Dec 15

Evaluate Using Unit Circle

Exact Values Color by Number.pdf


Dec 16

Unit 7A Review

7A Circles and Trig Review F 2016.docx

Hm3 rev key 7a.pdf




Dec 19

TEST - Unit 7A Circles and Trig



Dec 20

Project Day - Unit Circle

Unit Circle Project F16.pdf

DUE 1/9/17 (1/6 early for extra points)

Dec 21

Project Day - Unit Circle



Jan 2



Jan 3

Unit 7B - Trig Graphs

7B HW Draft.docx

Spaghetti Sine Lab

Graphs from the Unit Circle Investigation F16.docx


Jan 4

Graphs of Sine and Cosine

Trig CCM3 Packet.pdf  pg 42-49

Jan 5

Applications of Sine and Cosine

Trig Word Problems.pptx

Word Problems Guided Practice (with ppt).docx  

Jan 6

Arc Length and Area of a Sector

Area and Arclength.pptx


Jan 9



Review for Unit 7B Test

Unit 7B Study Guide F16.pdf

HM3 unit 7B review key.pdf

Jan 10




Jan 11


HonorsF16Review.pdf  Here is a collection of additional problems from every unit in the course.


Jan 12

TEST - Unit 7B 

Jan 13

1st period - Cumulative Exam - be sure to bring your page of helpful information! 


Jan 16


Jan 17

2nd period - Cumulative Exam - be sure to bring your page of helpful information! 




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