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Copy of PCalc F17

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Pre-Calculus Syllabus









Aug 28

Intro and Welcome to PCalc!

Intro to class precalc .pptx


Aug 29

Unit 1 - Basics of Trigonometry

Unit 1 Calendar - F17.docx

Unit 1 - Basics of Trig HW Packet.docx

Day 1 - Radicals Review

Radicals Review.docx

1.1 Rads Rev Key F17.pdf

Radicals HW Answers.pdf

Aug 30

QUIZ - Radicals

Day 2 - Angles and their Measure

4.1 Notes-Day 1.pdf

4.1 Notes-Day 2.pdf

4.1 notes key Day 1.pdf

4.1 Notes day 2 key.pdf

Angle Arms! (precalc edition).pptx

HW ans Angles and meas ans.pdf


Video - Describe angles

Video - Convert radians <> degrees


Aug 31

Day 3 - Right Triangle Trigonometry

1.3 Right Triangle Trigonometry Reivew.pptx

Right Triangle Trigonometry.docx

Pcalc U1D3 hw ans.pdf


Video on right triangle trig

Sept 1

Day 4 - Trig at any Angle

4.4 Notes-Day 1.pdf

4.4 Notes-Day 2.pdf

4.4 notes day1 key.pdf

4.4 notes day 2 key.pdf

4.4 wk day 1.docx

4.4 wk day 1 key.pdf

HW ans Trig at any angle ans.pdf


 Video - Trig at any angle

Reference Angles video

Sept 4

HOLIDAY - No School


Sept 5

Day 5 - The Unit Circle

unitcircle filled.pdf

Trig War Cards.doc

HW ans - for today and tomorrow! Review KEY 4.1-4.4.pdf


Pcalc U1.5 hw ans.pdf

Sept 6

Day 6 - TEST Unit 1A - Basics of Trig


Pcalc U1.6 hw ans.pdf

Sept 7

Day 7 - Graphs of Sine and Cosine

Desmos Activity

Graphing Sine and Cosine Worksheet.docx

Graphing Sine and Cosine Worksheet KEY.docx

4.5 rev ans.pdf - Most HW graph ans

Sept 8

Day 8 - Graphs of other Trig Functions

Guided Notes.pdf

Other Trig Graphs Guided Notes KEY.pdf

Video - Graphing Tan and Cot

 1 key.pdf

 2 key.pdf  - These have the 1.8 HW answers and more examples as well



Sept 11

Day 9- Graphs of Other Trig Functions (cont.)

Other Trig Graphs Practice.pdf (handed out in class- we never got to it)

Video - Csc and Sec graphs

Other Trig Graphs Practice KEY.pdf



Sept 12

Review Day!

Test 1 Basics of Trig&Unit Circle Review F17.pdf


Sept 13

TEST - Unit 1 Basics of Trigonometry


Trigonometry Presentation Project.doc

Sept 14

Unit 2: Analytical Trig

Unit 2 Agenda.docx


Day 1- Simplifying Trig Expressions

Blank Copy of Notes

Notes KEY




Sept 15

Day 2- Verifying Trig Identities


Unit 2 Homework Packet

Examples from Class (worked out)


2.1 Homework Key




Sept 18

Day 3- Sum and Difference Formulas

Examples from Class 1 (worked out)

Examples from Class 2 (worked out)


2.2 Homework Key


Sept 19

Day 4- Double Angle Formulas

Examples from Class (worked out)


2.3 Homework Key

Sept 20

Day 5 - QUIZ + Inverse Trig


Homework: watch the Homework Video and try 2.4 in the packet.

Homework Video 

Extra Video for Homework Help


2.4 Homework Key 

Sept 21


Sept 22

Day 6 - Inverse Trig and Solving Trig Equations


Inverse Trig Notes (filled in)

Solving Trig Notes (filled in)


2.5 Homework Key

Sept 25

Day 7- Workday


2.6 Homework Key


Sept 26

Day 8- Unit 2 Review!

Review Key


Homework: Study for the test!

Sept 27

Day 9- Unit 2 Test!


Homework: Work on Trig Project!


Sept 28

Unit 3- Oblique Triangles

Day 1

Project Work Time and Pre-Assessment


Homework: Watch this video on the Law of Sines, take notes, and come prepared with questions.


Sept 29

Day 2- Practice with Law of Sines



Homework: 3.1 and watch this video on the Law of Cosines, take notes, and come prepared with questions.


3.1 Homework Key

Oct 2

Day 3 - Practice with Law of Sines and Law of Cosines


Practice Maze Activity w/ Solutions


3.2 Homework Key

Oct 3

Day 4- Ambiguous Case


Ambiguous Case Notes (filled in)



3.3 Homework Key


Oct 4

Day 5- Applications of Law of Sines and Law of Cosines


Applications Problems

Applications Problems Solutions


3.4 Homework Key


Oct 5

Day 6- Unit 3 Review



3.5 Review Key (Due Monday)

Oct 6

Project Presentation Day!

Oct 9 (Movie Character Monday!) 

Day 7- UNIT 3 TEST


Oct 10 (Tropical Tuesday!)

Day 1: Unit 4: Functions


Unit 4 Agenda

Unit 4 HW Packet


Function Notes (partial)

Example Problems 


4.1 Homework Key


Oct 11 (College Wednesday!)

Day 2: More with Functions


Functions Notes (filled in)

Example Problems



4.2 Homework Key


Oct 12 (Throwback Thursday!)

Day 3: Library of Functions


Library of Functions (blank)


Library of Functions KEY





Oct 13 (Class Colors!)

Day 4: Library of Functions


Library of Functions Questions

Oct 16

Day 5- Transformations

Function Transformations


Video on Evaluating Piecewise Functions

Evaluating Piecewise Examples


4.4 Homework Key


Oct 17

Day 6- Graphing Piecewise Functions

Graphing Piecewise Functions Solutions


Evaluating Piecewise Functions from a Graph


4.5 Homework Key


Oct 18

Day 7- QUIZ + Function Compositions


Function Composition Practice




4.6 Homework Key


Oct 19

Day 8- Difference Quotient


Difference Quotient Practice

Difference Quotient Practice Solutions



4.7 Homework Key

Oct 20

Day 9- Inverses






































































































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