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Copy of HMath 3 F17

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H Math 3 Syllabus









Aug 28

Intro to H Math 3

Aug 29

Unit 1 - Functions and their Inverses

U1 Agenda HW HM3 F17.doc

Day 1 - Linear Functions; Domain and Range; Function Notation

unit 1 day1 function vs not.docx

unit 1 day1 student notes.docx

unit 1 day1 student investigation.docx


Aug 30

Day 2 - Systems of Equations

Day 2 Warm-Up on Systems of Equations and Inequalitites.docx

unit 1 day2 & 3 student notes systems.docx

Pairing System Solvings Activity.docx

Unit 1 Day 2 Homework Systems of Equations with Context.doc

Hm3 U1D2 hw ans.pdf

Aug 31

Day 3 - Systems of Inequalities

Day 3 Warm-Up on Systems.docx

unit 1 day3 student notes inequalities.docx

Unit 1 Day 3 Homework Systems of Inequalities with Context.doc

Hm3 U1D3 hw ans.pdf

Sept 1

Day 4 - QUIZ - Unit 1 Functions



Sept 4

HOLIDAY - No School


Sept 5

Day 5 - Absolute Value Functions and Inequalities

Unit 1 Day 4 Translation Parabola Lab ~ Post Quiz.pdf

unit 1 day4 student notes absolute value.docx

Solving Absolute Value Equations and Inequalitites.doc

Unit 1 Day 4 Homework Absolute Value.doc

HM3 U1D4 hw key-1.pdf



Sept 6

Day 6 - Abs Val Ineq

Systems and Inequalities of Absolute Value Functions Student Notes.docx

Unit 1 Day 5 Homework Systems and Inequalitites Absolute Value.doc


Hm3 U1D5 hw ans.pdf

Sept 7

 Piecewise Functions

Introduction to Piecewise Functions Student Notes.docx

Piecewise Functions Investigation adj.docx

HW - 1.6 in packet stop at 18

Sept 8

Piecewise Functions

Graphing and Evaluating Piecewise Functions with Context Student Notes.docx

HW - 1.6 in packet finish last 4


Sept 11

Function Compositions (1-8 in packet)

Here is the video that we watched today.

Composite Function Number Line.docx

HW - 1.8 in packet

HM3 U1 D8 hw ans.pdf


Sept 12

Inverses of Functions (1.7 in packet)

Composite and Inverse Functions EBA.docx  Ignore 1st page; notes from class are pgs 2-5

HM3 U1D7 hw ans key.pdf


Sept 13

Review Unit 1

HM3 U1 rev ans.pdf

Sept 14

TEST - Unit 1 Functions and their Inverses




Sept 15

Unit 2 - Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

U2 Agenda HW HM3 F17.doc

Day 1 - Review of Exponent Rules


rational exponent practice.docx

HW - 2.1 colored heart (copyrighted, cannot post key but you can look in class)

Sept 18

Day 2 - Introduction to Logarithms


Intro to Logs ET.docx



Sept 19

Day 3 - Properties of Logarithms

2.4_properties_of_logs .pdf

6.1 prop logs.pdf


Sept 20

Day 4 - Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

2.4_2.5 hwk assg.pdf

Sept 21



Sept 22

Day 5 - Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

HM3 U2 notes solve tough.pdf

Here is a link to a self-checking practice site!  Give it a try!

HM3 U2 D4-5 hw ans.pdf

Sept 25

Day 6 - Mid Unit Review and QUIZ

HM3 U2D6 hw ans.pdf

Sept 26

Day 7 - Graphs of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

HM3 U2D7 hw ans.pdf

Sept 27

Day 8 - Applications of Growth and Decay

HM3 U2D8 hw ans.pdf

Sept 28

Day 9 - Applications involving Logarithms




Math 3 Pre-Assessment


Oct 2

Day 10 - Unit 2 Review

Oct 3

Unit 2 TEST


Oct 4

Unit 3 - Polynomial Functions

U3 Agenda HW HM3 F17.doc

Day 1 - Introduction to Polynomials

Flipbook of important concepts

D1 Introduction to Polynomial Graphs Notes ANSWER KEY.docx

D1 Polynomial Graphs Homework.docx

D1 Polynomial Graphs Homework ANSWER KEY.docx


Oct 5

Day 2 - Polynomial Graphing

Finish flipbook

Polynomial Matching Game with end behavior, roots, equations

D2 Polynomial Graph Matching Homework.doc

D2 Polynomial Graph Matching Homework ANSWER KEY.doc

Oct 6

Day 3 - Practice with End Behavior and Multiplicity of Zeros

Matching Activity - Polynomials


HW - make sure first 2 days are done; if you would like, go ahead and do D3 Transformations of Polynomial Functions Homework.docx

Oct 9 (Movie Character Monday)


Day 4 - Transformations of Polynomials; Applications with Polynomials

Transformations Check for Understanding.docx

D4 Polynomial Word Problems Practice and Homework ANSWER KEY.docx

D4 Polynomial Equations and Models ANSWER KEY.docx




Oct 10 (Tropical Tuesday)

Day 5 - Polynomial Long Division

D5 Polynomial Long Division Homework 1 and Answers.doc

D5 Polynomial Long Division Practice ANSWER KEY.docx

Oct 11 (College Wednesday)

Day 6 - PLD;; Remainder and Factor Theorems; Solving higher order Polys

D6 Polynomial Long Division Homework 2 and Answers.docx

D6 ExPrac Division Remainder Theorem Zeros.docx

D6 Extra Practice Division Remainder Theorem Zeros ANSWER KEY.docx

Oct 12 (Throwback Thursday)


Day 7 - Average Rates of Change

D7 Comparing Average Rates of Change.docx

D7 Comparing Average Rates of Change ANSWER KEY.docx

Oct 13 (Class Colors Friday)

Day 8 - Finish Quiz; Average Rates of Change

D7 Unit 3 Review Homework ANSWER KEY.docx

Oct 16

Review Unit 3 - Polynomials

D8 Polynomial Functions Review.docx

HM3 U3 rev ans.pdf

Oct 17

TEST Unit 3 - Polynomials



Oct 18

Unit 4 - Modeling with Geometry

U4 Agenda HW HM3 F17.doc

Project Got Milk_ Entry Doc and Project Documents.docx

Got Milk_ Group Contract.docx

Got Milk_ Rubric.docx

Day 1 - 3D Nets

Geogebra Simulations - Nets

PDFs of nets

3D shapes vocabulary practice.pdf

Nets Practice.pdf

Nets Homework.pdf


Oct 19

Day 2 - Cross Sections and Rotate 2D to 3D

Cross-Section Text Book Notes.pdf

Cross Section Practice.pdf

2D to 3D Rotations Practice.pdf  This is the HW for Day 2


Day 3 - Volume and Surface Area

Volume and Surface Area Notes and Practice.pdf

Volume Pracice.pdf This is the HW for Day 3






































































































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