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HMath 3 S18

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HERE is Mrs. Rivera's website, which has links to all H Math 3 teachers!













Jan 25

Intro to class powerpoint


HW - get your syllabus and calculator contracts signed!  

Jan 26

Unit 1 - Functions and Inverses

Agenda Unit 1

HW packet for Unit 1

Day 1 - Systems of Equations

Warm Up - Review of Math 1 systems Key

Video - All I do is Solve

Classwork - Systems practice 

Notes - use if you need to remember methods from Math 1 Key

HW 1.1 Key

Jan 29

Day 2 - Systems of Inequalities

Notes on Ineq Systems blank key

CW on systems of ineq blank key

HW key 1.2


Jan 30

Day 3 - Absolute Value Equations and Ineq 

Notes on solving 

HW key 1.3



Jan 31

QUIZ; D4 Inverse Functions

Desmos Activity - use code UCHDA

HW key 1.4


Feb 1 

D5 - Inverse Functions / Combinations of Functions

Notes Inverse Functions

HW key 1.5

Feb 2

D6 - Function Compositions

Notes Composition of Functions

Number Line compositions

Cut n match activity

HW key 1.6

Feb 5

Review Unit 1 - Functions and Inverses

Unit 1 Review

Unit 2 Review Key

Feb 6

TEST - Unit 1 Functions and Inverses


Feb 7

Unit 2 - Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

HW agenda and packet

Day 1 - Exponent Rules and Rational Exponents


HW 2.1 - Image is copyrighted, I cannot post answers online.  Will go over in class.


Feb 8

Day 2 - Basics of Logarithms

Intro to Logs powerpoint

Intro to Logs - notes to go with ppt

HW 2.2 key






Feb 9  Early Release

Day 3 - Properties of Logarithms

Notes are on the powerpoint from yesterday

HW 2.3 key (it's a bit all over but it's all there)


Feb 12

Day 4 - Solving Logarithmic and Exponential Equations

Notes on solving

Worksheet with equations

HW 2.4 key


Feb 13

Day 5 - Solving more equations involving logs and exponentials

Activity w/ QR codes

HW should've been mid unit review, but the agenda was wrong.  Do this for EC!


Feb 14

QUIZ; Day 6 - Graphs of Logarithmic and Exponential Functions

Notes - Graphing Log functions

HW 2.5 key

Feb 15

Day 7 - Compound Interest

Warm Up - Growth and Decay Stations

Growth Decay station sheet

Notes - Compound Interest

HW 2.7 key


Fen 16

Day 8 - Applications of Logarithms

Scavenger Hunt with applications

HW 2.8 key

Feb 19

Day 9 - Review Unit 2 Logs and Exps

U2 Review

U2 review key


Feb 20

TEST - Unit 2 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Feb 21

Unit 3 - Modeling with Geometry

HW Agenda

HW packet for the unit

Project for the Unit - PBL time!

Got Milk Entry and Project Documents

Got Milk Group Contract

Got Milk Rubric

Day 1 -  3D Nets and Shapes

Geogebra Simulations - Nets (click through all of pt 2 with the nets, there are 11 total)

PDFs of nets

3D shapes vocabulary practice.pdf

Nets Practice.pdf

Nets Homework.pdf

HW 3.1 Key

Feb 22

D2 - Cross sections and 2D - 3D

Videos for Cross Sections and Rotations - be sure to click on all 4 link at right

Geogebra link for cross sections

Cross-Section Text Book Notes.pdf

Cross Section Practice.pdf

2D to 3D Rotations Practice.pdf


HERE is a nice conversion calculator and table for cubic inches to fluid ounces.



HW 3.2 key

Feb 23

D3 - Volume and Surface Area

Volume and Surface Area Notes and Practice.pdf

More Volume Practice

Notes Volume and SA key


HW 3.3 key

Feb 26

Geom Modeling & Project Workday


Notes Geom Modeling key


Below are the different tasks that are available for you to work through today and tomorrow.  I'll put some here and some under tomorrow.  :)

Tasks - small sheets given in class

Task_ Hard as Nails.docx

Task_ A Golden Crown_.docx


HW 3.4 key

Feb 27 - ACT (11th)

Geom Modeling & Project Workday


More tasks!

Warm-Up Best Size Cans.docx

Warm Up Task_ Propane Tanks.docx

Task - Density of a Can.docx

Task - Aquariums.docx

Warm-Up - Cone Task.docx


Feb 28

Review - Unit 3 Geometric Modeling


Mar 1

TEST - Unit 3 Geometric Modeling


Projects due tomorrow!


Mar 2 - Early Release

Project Presentations!

Mar 5

Unit 4 - Polynomials

HW and Agenda Unit 4

Day 1 - Polynomial Long Division

Create foldable

Poly long division notes

HW 4.1 key



Mar 6

Day 2 - Synthetic Division; Factor and Remainder Theorems


HW 4.2 key

Mar 7

Day 3 - Zeros and Multiplicity

Guided notes - used over next 2 days

Mar 8

Day 4 - Polynomial Function Analysis - Extrema, Increasing/Decreasing Intervals, Positive/Negative Intervals, End Behavior


Mar 9

QUIZ - End behavior, Zeros, Division


Day 6 - Solving Polynomials Completely

Guided notes practice

HW solving key





Mar 14

Polynomial Applications and Rates of Change

Poly applications practice and key

Rates of Change practice and key

Mar 15

Review Unit 4 - Polynomials

Review from packet

Review answer key

Wonderful Website with lots of great examples and explanations for polys!


Mar 16

TEST - Unit 4 Polynomials 

Mar 19

Unit 5A - Reasoning with Geometry

Agenda and Homework Packet

Day 1 - Geometry Properties and Parallel Lines

Notes blank

Notes Key

CW on parallel lines

HW Day 1 key


Mar 20

Day 2 - Triangle Congruence Proofs

Notes - triangle proofs

Notes key - triangle proofs

Triangle proofs activity

HW Day 2 key


Mar 21

Day 3 - Parallelograms 

Notes - Parallelograms

CW - turned in for grade!

HW Day 3 key

Mar 22

Day 4 - Quadrilaterals

Notes - Quadrilaterals

Flow Chart for properties of Quads

Notes key

Exit Ticket

HW Day 4 key


Mar 23 - Pep Rally!

Day 5 - More with Quadrilaterals

Always-Sometimes-Never activity

ASN key

HW Day 5 key



Mar 26

Review Unit 5A - Reasoning with Geometry

Key - will be posted after class!  See board or sub during class Key part 1 part 2

Mar 27

TEST Unit 5A - Reasoning with Geometry

Mar 28

Piecewise Functions

Video - Mash Ups

Cut and Paste piecewise activity

Piecewise notes and extra practice

Website with wonderful examples and explanations of everything Piecewise!

Mar 29

Quiz - Piecewise Functions

Mar 30


April 2



April 3


April 4



April 5



April 6


April 9

Unit 5B - Circles

Agenda and HW Packet

Day 1 - Tangents and Circles

Desmos Activity - Tangent Lines 9J5N2

Notes Key

HW Key



April 10

Day 2 - Chords and Arcs

Notes Key

Quizizz activity - arcs and chords

HW Key




April 11

Day 3 - Inscribed Angles


Notes key

inscribed angles hw

inscribed angles hw key


April 12

Day 4 - Arcs and Segments


Notes Key

angles and segments hw

angles and segments hw key


April 13

Day 5 - Arc Length and Area of a Sector

Arc length and area of a sector notes

Classwork arc length and area of sector



April 16

Review Unit 5B Circles

Attack review

Review sheet

Review Sheet answer key


April 17

TEST Unit 5B Circles


April 18

Unit 6 - Rationals

HW Agenda

HW Packet

Day 1 - Factoring Review and Simplifying Rational Expressions

Powerpoint Simplifying Rationals


HW D1 key


April 19

Day 2 - Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

Row game rationals

ET - multiply and divide rationals


HW D2 key




April 20

Day 3 - Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Powerpoint Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Notes - Add and Subt Rationals


HW D3 key

April 23

Day 4 - Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Puzzle activity - + x / rational expressions

HW D4 key


April 24

QUIZ - Rational Expressions

Day 5 - Solving Rational Equations

Solving Rational eqns notes key

HW D5 key

April 25

Day 6 - Solving Rational Equations


HW D6 key

April 26

Day 7 - Graphing Rational Functions

April 27

Day 8 - Graphing Rational Functions



April 30

Review - Unit 6 Rationals


May 1

TEST - Unit 6 Rationals

May 2

Unit 7 - Trigonometry

HW Agenda

HW Packet

Day 1 - Equations of Circles

Notes key

HW 7.1 key

May 3

Day 2 - Angles and their measure

Powerpoint that goes along with notes

Notes that goes with ppt and more notes

HW 7.2 key

May 4

Day 3 - Right Triangle Trig

Notes - right triangle trig

HW 7.3 key

May 7

Day 4 - Unit Circle

Unit Circle - blank

Unit Circle - filled

HW 7.4 key


May 8

Day 5 - Quiz; Unit Circle 

Classwork - Using Unit Circle

Video - Evaluating using Unit Circle

HW 7.5 key

May 9

Day 6 - Spaghetti Sine Lab

Spaghetti lab

HW 7.6 is extra credit

May 10

Day 7 - Graphs of Sine and Cosine

Video - Finding amplitude, period etc from an equation

Video - Graphing Sine and Cosine and another Graphing Video

Video  Finding amplitude, period etc from a graph

HW 7.7 key

May 11

Day 8 - Applications of Sine and Cosine

Desmos activity - graphing sine code: 7GB9BR

Powerpoint - applications

Worksheet to go with ppt

HW 7.8 

May 14

Graphing Trig and Applications

May 15

Project Workday


Project rubric




May 16

Teacher Workday

May 17

Review - Unit 7 Trigonometry


Review Key


May 18

Test - Unit 7 Trigonometry

May 21

Unit 8 - Statistics

Agenda for the unit

HW packetfor the unit

Powerpoint for entire unit

Day 1 - Sampling Methods

Video - Why you need statistics

Sampling methods activity

HW - 8.1 key



May 22

D2 - Bias

May 23

D3 - Population, Sample, Parameter, Statistic; Margin of Error

May 24

D4 - Simulations and Review

May 25 

QUEST - Unit 8 Statistics

May 28


May 29

In class make-up day

May 30

NCFE Exam Review

Review packet 1 and key - this is the larger packet we worked problems from today.  There may be issues, make note of them.

NC Math 3 standards

NC Math 3 specifications - this document tells you all about the exam.  I showed it in class.  Be sure to only look at MATH 3 (math 2 is also included in this document.)


May 31

Post-assessment - this counts as a quiz grade!

June 1

NCFE Exam Review

Released Math 3 2017 questions


Your final exam will be on Monday, June 4th at 7:25 in room 1906.  DO NOT be late!


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