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AP Stats S19

Page history last edited by Shelly 2 years ago

Syllabus         Textbook         Online Resources for Text

Remind: @mullen02 for 2nd pd   @mullen03 for 3rd pd 

AP Stats Course Description    AP Stats Formula Sheet       AP Exam Schedule 2019

Applet link for just about everything

Rossman/Chance Applet Collection     AP Pass Exam Score Calculator

Final Project S19  Final Project Rubric  Final Project Group Eval  Final Project Presentation Eval


Khan Academy - 2nd:YEW2ZMZP     3rd:6RK62ATH


AP Exam Review Materials - Click to open on a new page










Jan 22

Intro to Statistics

Intro powerpoint

Day 1 sampling rams

Project - Response Bias

Project Rubric


Remember that the project proposal is due 2/1.  The project itself is due on 2/15.

Jan 23

Ch 4 - Designing Studies

HW and Agenda Ch4

Vocab and Reading Guide Ch4

4.1 - Sampling and Surveys

4.1 powerpoint

Mullen 4.1 powerpoint

Beyonce key

Timberlake key

Remember that the data will be different depending on the class period you were in...

Jan 24

4.2 - Experiments

4.2 powerpoint

4.2 Mullen ppt

4.2 extra ppt




Jan 25

4.2 cont.

Finish turkey quiz (15 minutes MAX)

Class experiment day!  Coke vs Pepsi


Jan 28

4.3 - Using studies wisely

4.3 powerpoint

Video - ice cream causation

Vocab wkst Vocab Key

Review Ch 4


Jan 29

Review Chapter 4

Ch 4 Review - see Wed for link

Ch 4 review answers MC

Ch 4 review answer FRQ

Both keys together:  AP Stats Ch4 review key Mullen.pdf

Jan 30

TEST - Chapter 4


Reading guide and all HW for the chapter is due!

Jan 31

Unit 2 - Chapter 1: Exploring Data

HW and Agenda Ch 1

Reading Guide Ch 1

1.1 - Analyzing Categorical Data

Ch 1 Intro ppt

1.1 powerpoint

Applet for today's activities

Favorite Toy Activity


Feb 1

1.2 - Displaying Quantitative Data with Graphs

1.2 powerpoint


Feb 4

1.3 - Displaying Quantitative Data with Numbers

1.3 powerpoint

Colleges Activity

Height Activity

Height Activity Key

Desmos Activity - Use code 42DSJZ

Feb 5

Review Ch 1 - Exploring Data

Sample Test - given in class

Sample Test - answers MC and FRQ

Another Sample Test - very good! 

Another sample test answers


Feb 6

TEST - Chapter 1


Reading GUide and HW due!

Feb 7

Unit 3 - Chapter 2: Modeling Distributions of Data

HW Agenda

Reading Guide

2.1 - Describing Location in a Distribution

2.1 powerpoint

Where do I stand activity - percentiles

How did I do - z scores

Video for ogive - we ONLY do less than!


Feb 8

2.2 - Density Curves and Normal Distributions

2.2 powerpoint


Google form for data collection


Feb 11

2.2 - Density Curves and Normal Distributions cont.

Wkst 2 - standard normal calcs

Wkst 2 key

Normal dist worksheet

Normal dist wkst key



Feb 12

Review Ch 2 (Unit 3)

1/2 sheet review 2.2 normal calculations

1/2 sheet review key

MC Review questions Ch 2

MC Review ans Ch 2

FRQ review

FRQ review key

Old sample Ch 2 tests with answers

Extra ppts on Normal Calculations: 2.1 and 2.2


Feb 13

TEST - Ch 2 - Modeling Distributions of Data


HW and RG due!

Feb 14

FRQ practice day!


Feb 15 - Early Release

Project Presentations!

Feb 18

Teacher Workday

Feb 19 - sub

Chapter 5 - Probability

Chapter 5 reading guide.doc

U4 Ch5 Agenda and HW stats S19.doc

5.1 - Randomness, Probability, and Simulation


Hershey Lab - will have to wait!

5.1 soda contest.pdf

5.1 soda contest key.pdf


Feb 20 - sub

ACT day

5.2 notes with hw packet.pdf

Yes, I have the key for the above work.  No, this time I will NOT post it early.  It's just probability folks.  Give it a try!

5.2 HW Solutions wkst.pdf

Feb 21

5.1 and 5.2 review

5.1 WS.pdf


Notes and Practice Problems - really nice stuff here for prob rules

5.2 wkst

Answer keys are with sub - I will post later

Prob 1 and Prob 2 - old powerpoints.  Play the slideshow to practice BEFORE seeing answers!

Another old ppt on probability


Feb 22

(Casino Lab delayed until after AP Exam)

5.3 - Conditional Probability & Independence

Conditional Prob wkst

Conditional Prob wkst key

Tree Diagrams wkst - we did #1 only

AP Stats tree diagram #1 ans.pdf

Dan's Diner question and others - tree diagram practice


Feb 25

Review - Ch 5 Probability (Unit 3)

HERE is a link to a multiple choice google form quiz - try it!

Review Ch 5 - the google form questions came from this as well as rest of review

Review key Ch 5


Feb 26

TEST - Ch 5 Probability



Feb 27

Chapter 6 (Unit 5) - Random Variables

Chapter 6 Reading Guide .doc

Ch 6 Agenda and HW stats S19.doc

6.1 - Discrete and Continuous Random Variables

6.1 powerpoint


Feb 28

6.2 - Transforming and Combining Random Variables

6.2 powerpoint


Mar 1

6.3 - Binomial and Geometric Random Variables

6.3 powerpoint

Binomial Dist graphic organizer - good!

Should they foul? wkst

Should they foul?  answer key

Website with the videos for foul activity

Soccer team example

Soccer team example key

Excellent Graphing Calc resource for Binomials


Mar 4

6.3 cont.

Skittles example

Skittles key

Geometric and Binomial practice wkst

Geom and Bino key part 1 part 2



Mar 5

Review - Ch 6 Random Variables (Unit 5)

Online MC sample questions

MC Discrete practice

MC Binomial and Geom practice

MC answer keys

Free response practice and key

Additional practice if you need it:  



Mar 6

TEST - Ch 6 Random Variables


HERE is a survey link to determine the retest day after school for Q3.

Mar 7

Ch 7 - Sampling Distributions

Ch 7 Agenda and HW stats S19.doc

Reading guide Ch 7 Samp Dist.docx

7.1 - What is a sampling distribution anyways?

7.1 powerpoint

German Tanks intro

German Tanks wkst

7.1 wkst - turned in for grade

7.1 wkst answer key


Mar 8 ER

7.2 - Sample Proportions

7.2 powerpoint

Reese's pieces activity from text

7.2 guided practice - done in class


Mar 11

7.3 - Sample Means

7.3 powerpoint

Videos - Law of Large Numbers and Central Limit Theorem

Really nice notes document for all of Ch7

Another neat resource for xbar and phat

Another neat resource for xbar and phat

Sample means wkst - half sheet turned in

Sample means wkst - whiteboard practice


Mar 12

Review Ch 7 (U6) Sampling Distributions

Review Ch 7 both MC and FRQ

Review answer key






Mar 13

TEST - Ch 7 (U6) Sampling Distributions


π day

Ch 8 (Unit 7) - Estimating with Confidence

 Reading Guide

HW and Agenda Ch 8

8.1 - Confidence Intervals - The Basics

8.1 Powerpoint

8.1 day 1 medic.docx

8.1 day 1 medic key.pdf

8.1 day 2 medic.pdf

8.1 day 2 medic key.pdf


Mar 15

8.2 - Estimating a Population Proportion

8.2 Powerpoint

PANIC - use these steps for CI problems

WS 8.2 rev 2015.pdf

8.2 WS Solutions rev 2015.pdf

Mar 18

8.3 - Estimating a Population Mean

8.3 Powerpoint

medic 8.3 day 1.pdf

medic 8.3 day 1 key.pdf

medic 8.3 day 2.pdf

medic 8.3 day 2 key.pdf

Mar 19

Review Ch 8 (U7) - Estimating with Confidence

CI MC Review

CI MC review answer key

CI Free response practice

CI FR practice key


Mar 20 (sub)

AP Stats CI sub prac used S19.docx

Mar 21

TEST - Ch 8 Estimating with Confidence


Mar 22

**Final Project assigned today**

See TOP OF THIS PAGE for links

Chapter 9 - Testing a Claim

Chapter 9 Reading Guide (HypTest).docx

Ch 9 Agenda and HW stats S19.doc

9.1 - Significance Tests - The Basics

9.1 powerpoint

Hypotheses in Significance Testing

Hypotheses key

P-values in Significance Testing

P-values key

Type I and II error

Type I and II error key

More on error and power

More on error and power key


Mar 25

9.2 - Tests about a Population Proportion

9.2 powerpoint

Hypothesis testing with proportions prac

Hypothesis testing with proportions key

Using Confidence Intervals to test

Using CIs to test key




Mar 26

9.3 - Tests about a Population Mean

9.3 powerpoint

z tests

z tests key

t tests

t tests key

More z tests

More z tests key

More t tests

More t tests key

Paired t tests

Paired t tests key


Mar 27

Hypothesis Testing Group Quiz

Quick Review on Error and Power.docx

Quick review error and power.pdf


Mar 28

Review - Chapter 9 Testing a Claim

Ch 9 Review

Ch 9 Review Key





April 1

TEST - Ch 9 Testing a Claim

April 2

Ch 10 - Comparing Two Populations or Groups

HW Agenda

Reading Guide

10.1 - Comparing Two Proportions

10.1 powerpoint

Mullen example worked out in class

Example answer key

Comparing two proportions CW

Comparing two proportions CW answers


April 3

10.2 - Comparing Two Means

10.2 powerpoint 

Starbucks article link

Lesson 10.2 - Day 2 Chips Ahoy.docx

10.2 Chips Ahoy key.pdf


April 4

Review Ch 10 Comparing Two Populations or Groups 

Review MC

Review answers MC

Review FRQ

Review FRQ answers


April 5

TEST - Ch 10 (U9) Comparing Two Populations or Groups

April 8

Ch 11 (U10) - Inference of Distributions of Categorical Data

HW Agenda

Reading Guide

11.1 - Chi-Square Tests for Goodness of Fit

11.1 powerpoint

Skittles GoF lab


April 9 

11.2 - Inference for Two-Way Tables

11.2 powerpoint

chi square sub document.docx

CW chi-square test for indep and homog

CW chi-square key


April 10

11.2 - Inference for Two-Way Tables cont.

Padlet activity - click here for the page

Chi-square exercises for activity

April 11

Review Ch 11 - Inference of Distributions of Categorical Data

Chi square MC Review

Chi square MC Solutions

Chi square FRQ Review

Chi square FRQ Solutions part 1 part 2


April 12

TEST - Ch 11(U10) Inference of Distributions of Categorical Data

April 15


April 16


April 17


April 18


April 19


April 22



April 23

Ch 3 - Linear Relationships

HW Agenda Ch 3 & 12

Reading Guide Ch 3 & 12

3.1 - Scatterplots and Correlation

3.1 powerpoint

WS 3.1.pdf

3.1 WS Solutions.pptx

Correlations Transformation Investigation.pptx

Investigation CorrelationTransformations WS.pdf

April 24

3.2 - Least Squares Regression

3.2 Powerpoint


Activity Chapter 3.pdf






April 25

3.2 - Least Squares Regression cont.

WS 3.2.pdf

3.2 WS Solutions.pdf

Residuals wkst.docx

Walmart Problem&Key.pdf

April 26


Chapter 12 - More about Regression

12.1 - Inference for Linear Regression

12.1 Powerpoint





April 29 sub

12.1 cont.

12.1 day 2 sub.docx


April 30

12.2 - Linearize Data

12.2 Powerpoint

12.2 worksheet.docx

12.2 key.pdf



May 1

Teacher Workday


May 2

Review - Ch 3 and 12 - Linear Regression

MC review - Ch 3

MC review - Ch 12

MC answer key for both chapters

FRQs for Ch 3 and 12 are released AP questions

Linearization practice and key



May 6

Video - don't be like this fool

Released 2017 Multiple Choice AP Exam - I cannot post this online.  Sorry all!


May 7

Project Workday

May 8

Project Workday

May 9

Released 2017 Multiple Choice AP Exam - I cannot post this online.  Sorry all!

May 10

Released 2017 FRQs

Condensed - copies for class use

AP Central website - has sample answers and correct responses with rubrics


May 13

Released 2018 Multiple Choice AP Exam - I cannot post this online.  Sorry all!

Released 2018 FRQ - condensed copies for classroom use.

May 14

Project Workday

Fill out THIS SURVEY to vote on the Q4 retest day!

May 15


May 16

AP Exam @11:30 Media Center

May 17

Project Workday

May 20

Project Workday


May 21

Project Presentations

May 22

Paper Helicopters


Helitest student wkst.docx

May 23

Senior Awards Day

May 24

Casino Lab

May 27



May 28

Jumping Frogs

Activity 19- JUMPING FROGS.pdf



May 29

Gummy Bears in Space!

Fishbone for Gummy Bears

Modified activity


May 30

Double Stuff Oreo Lab

May 31

Field Day!

Click here to fill out the activities form


June 3

Final Exam Review - Last chance!

Perdi game 1 - think bingo!


June 4

Final Exam Review - Last chance!


Ap stats exam rev apex key.pdf


June 5

June 6

2nd period Final Exam

June 7

3rd period Final Exam


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