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Page history last edited by Shelly 1 year, 3 months ago

_Review AP Stats.pdf - Nice overall summary of the course.  Pictures, definitions, the works!


APStatsRev.pdf - Pretty good by chapter review of important concepts, vocabulary and formulas.

toptentips.doc and Top10TipsforAP.doc and TipsforAPExam.doc - Tips galore!

THEULTIMATESTATSSTUDYGUIDErev.doc - A truly amazing resource.

Practice+AP+test-2012 REAL.pdf  and Practice Test Solutions 2012.pdf  - Here is the real, official, collegeboard released 2012 entire AP Exam.  Enjoy.

Pointers for AP exam.docx - Just some tips

huge notes on 1var.docx and huge notes on 2var.docx

APStatisticsExamReviewca.ppt - Another ppt that reviews the entire course

AP Statistics Review.pdf - Lots of short, down and dirty quick reminders.  Nice flow chart too.

Questions to Review for AP Exam and Final Exam.doc


pessy ap 1st sem check fr mc review.doc and pessy ap 2nd final review checklist.doc and pessy ap yearlong review notes.doc  - These are taken from same site.  Good!

FR-section-strategy.docx - Good advice!  BE SURE TO SPEND TIME ON #6, it counts more than any other question on the FRQ!

Printable Review Flashcards.pdf - Superb flashcards for those of you who prefer this study method!




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