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PCalc S20

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Remind: @mullen03 for 3rd period, @mullen04 for 4th period



Khan Academy - TYNSDWSC is the join code


SEE BELOW for information during the school closure.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for reviewing old material in preparation for the Midterm Exam (date TBD).









Jan 28

Intro to course

Intro powerpoint


Jan 29


Jan 30

Unit 1 - Basics of Trigonometry

Mullen U1 Trig Agenda

Unit 1 - Basics of Trig HW Packet.docx

Day 1 - Radicals Review

Radicals Review.docx

Pcalc radicals notes key

1.1 Rads Rev Key.pdf


Jan 31

QUIZ; Day 2 - Angles and their measures

Angles and Their Measure.docx

Pcalc 1.2 notes key

Pcalc 1.2 hw key


Feb 3

Day 3 - Right Triangle Trig Review

1.3 Right Triangle Trigonometry Reivew.pptx

Video 1 - Explanation of the six trig ratios and how to solve triangles

Right Triangle Trigonometry.docx

PCalc right tri trig notes key

Pcalc U1D3 hw ans.pdf



Feb 4

Day 4 - Trig at any Angle

4.4 Notes-Day 1.pdf

4.4 Notes-Day 2.pdf

4.4 notes day1 key.pdf

4.4 notes day 2 key.pdf

4.4 wk day 1.docx

4.4 wk day 1 key.pdf

HW ans Trig at any angle ans.pdf


 Video - Trig at any angle

Reference Angles video

Feb 5

Day 5 - Unit Circle

unitcircle filled.pdf

HW ans - for today and tomorrow! Review KEY 4.1-4.4.pdf


Pcalc U1.5 hw ans.pdf



Feb 6

Early Dismissal - 3rd pd took quiz and practiced unit circle; 4th pd DID NOT meet.


Feb 7

NO SCHOOL due to weather

Feb 10

4th pd QUIZ Right Triangle Trig, then:

Day 7 - Graphs of Sine and Cosine

Desmos Activity - 3rd pd VEQB4G is code, 4th pd T355RU

Copy of CR Graphing Sine and Cosine Worksheet.docx

4.5 rev ans.pdf - Most HW graph ans


Feb 11

Practice day - graphing Sine and Cosine

Notes page 1

Notes page 2

Key for both notes pages


Feb 12

Day 8 - Graphs of other Trig Functions

Guided Notes.pdf

Other Trig Graphs Guided Notes KEY.pdf

Video - Graphing Tan and Cot

 1 key.pdf

 2 key.pdf  - These have the 1.8 HW answers and more examples as well

Other Trig Graphs Practice.pdf 

Video - Csc and Sec graphs

Other Trig Graphs Practice KEY.pdf


Feb 13

Graphing Practice Day

4.5-4.6 Rev Wkst all graphs.pdf

4.5-4.6 Rev Wkst all graphs key.pdf



Feb 14

Day 9 - Review Unit 1

Test 1 Basics of Trig&Unit Circle Review.pdf

PCalc Unit 1 RevKey - Feb 18 2020 - 9-16 AM.pdf


Extra review and key

Key for #23 and 25 has been fixed!!

Feb 17




Feb 18



Feb 19

TEST - Unit 1 Basics of Trig

Feb 20 - Early release for snow

Unit 2 - Analytical Trigonometry

Mullen U2 HW Agenda S2020.pdf

Unit 2 HW Packet Pcalc.docx

Day 0 - Simplifying Trig Identities

Pcalc notes key simp identities.pdf

Simplifying Trig Expressions HW.pdf


Feb 21 - SNOW DAY

Feb 24

Day 1 - Verifying Trig Identities

Examples from Class (worked out)

Copy of 5.2 Notes.pdf

Copy of 5.2 Notes KEY.pdf

2.1 Homework Key 


Feb 25 - ACT day

Practice Verifying Identities

Copy of TrigIdentities 16 boxes.pdf

Trig Identities 16 boxes key.pdf 



Extra practice with identities!

Copy of 5.1 Notes KEY.pdf

Copy of 5.1-5.2 Practice WS KEY.pdf  

Feb 26

Day 2 - Sum and Difference Identities

Sum diff notes doc camera.pdf

5.4 Notes-Day 1 KEY.pdf 5.4 Notes-Day 2 KEY.pdf   These are extra notes and examples!

2.2 Sum and Difference Key.pdf


Feb 27

Day 3 - Double Angle Identities

5.5 Notes KEY.pdf  - examples worked out if you want to get ahead!

Examples from Class (worked out) 

Video - derives the formulas and does examples

2.3 Homework Key


Feb 28

Quiz Identities; Day 4 - Inverse Trigonometric Functions


*We will have to finish this next week.  Don't worry too much about the HW*


Mar 2

Inverse Trig

Homework Video 

Extra Video for Homework Help

Inverse Trig Notes (filled in) 

Copy of Pcalc inverse tri notes class.pdf

2.4 Homework Key


Mar 3

Solving Trig Equations

Fantastic 10 min video on solving trig equations.  A MUST SEE!

sub sheet solv trig eqns from 53 practice.docx

Pcalc notes solving tri class.pdf

2.5 Solving Trig.pdf

Mar 4

Review Unit 2

2.6 Analytical Trig Review Key.pdf


Here are some extra resources to use for test prep!  Review 5.1-5.3 KEY.pdf

5.1-5.2 Practice WS KEY.pdf

Review 5.4-5.5 KEY.pdf

Mar 5

TEST - Unit 2 Analytical Trigonometry


Recovery KA code for this unit is at the top of the page.  Join if you need it!  Unit 2 recovery will be due 3/27.


Mar 6

Unit 3 - Oblique Triangles

HW Agenda U3 S2020.docx

Mullen Oblique Triangles HW Packet S2020.docx

Day 1 - Law of Sines & Law of Cosines

6.1 Notes-Day 1 KEY.pdf

3.1 Law of Sines HW Key S17.pdf

6.2 Notes Key.pdf

3.2 Homework Key

Mar 9

Teacher Workday


Mar 10

Law of Sines - Ambiguous Case

Ambiguous Case Notes (filled in)

Ambiguous Case Notes.docx  

Triangle Challenge The Ambiguous Case.pdf

Triangle Challenge blog

3.3 Homework Key

Mar 11

Applications of Laws


Laws apps key.pdf


3.4 Homework key


Mar 12

Review Unit 3 Oblique Triangles

Oblique Triangles Review.docx

3.5 Oblique Triangles Review.pdf

PCalc Unit 3 review key 8-10.pdf



Mar 13

TEST - Unit 3 Oblique Triangles

This is the beginning of school closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Below you will see what WOULD HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED had we been in school.  Under no circumstances can I currently give you a grade if complete these assignments.  They are being posted simply so that you can expose yourself to the content FROM PREVIOUS CLASSES that you will now need to review on your own during this time at home.  Many of you are asking what will happen with final exams, etc.  There is no answer yet.  Sit tight and be safe!










Unit 4 - Functions

Unit 4 Calendar F19.docx  This is from last semester!

Functions HW Packet.docx

PDF of HW packet

Day 1 - Interval Notation, Domain, Range

Domain and Range in Interval Notation NOTES.doc

Domain and Range in Interval Notation Notes KEY.pdf

4.1 Domain Range Key.pdf


Day 2 - Extrema, Symmetry, Boundedness


Min, Max, symmtery notes KEY.pdf

4.2 Symmetry, Extrema, Etc HW Key.pdf



Day 3 - Library of Functions

Library of Functions F17.pdf

Library of Mother Functions Notes Key NEW 2020.pdf   This is an updated key!  I added Logistic and fixed a few typos.


Day 4 - Transformations

Transformations Notes.docx

Transformations Notes Key.pdf

4.4 Transformations HW.pdf



Day 5 - Piecewise Functions

Video 1 - Graphing Piecewise Functions

Video 2 - Evaluating Piecewise Functions

Video 3 - Domain and Range of Piecewise

Video 4 - Write piecewise function from graph



Day 6 - Combinations and Compositions of Functions

Pcalc comp func key.pdf

4.6 HW Key compositions .pdf




Day 7 - Difference Quotient

10.25 Difference Quotient.pptx

Difference quotient.pdf


Difference Quotient Key.pdf



Day 8 - Inverse Functions

Inverse Functions edited.pptx

4.8 Inverse Functions Key.pdf



Review - Unit 4 Functions

Unit 4 Functions Review S17.pdf

U4 pcalc review key.pdf




Midterm Review

S17 Midterm Review.pdf

Midterm Review Key S17.pdf


We still want to give you a midterm exam!  It will cover Unit 1-4, so you will need to review Functions before you take the test.  It WILL still count and it WILL still replace a low test grade for Q3.  Stay tuned for more information!


Day 1- Unit 5: Polynomials and Rationals

Unit 5 Agenda  This is from last semester!

Unit 5 HW Packet


Graphing Polynomials Notes

Graphing Polynomials Notes Key


If you need a refresh on factoring:

Factoring by Grouping Video


Homework 5.1 Key


Day 2 - Polynomials cont. and Quiz

Video - Finding all roots of a poly

Video - Factoring to find roots and using multiplicity to graph

6.2 Gra Polys Key.pdf



Day 3 - Rational Functions

Graphing Rational Functions Notes

Video - how to find Vertical Asymptotes

Video - how to find Horizontal Asymptotes

6.3 Gra Rationals Key.pdf


Day 4 - More Graphing Rationals

Matching Activity

PCalc notes key rationals.pdf

Video - Graphing rational functions

Video - Graphing rational functions - more difficult with a slant asymptote!

6.4 More Graphing Rationals.pdf



Review Unit 5 - Polynomials and Rationals

6.5 Rats and Polys Rev.pdf


Unit 6 - Exponential and Logarithm Functions

Expos and Logs HW Packet

Day 1 - Basics and Exponents and Logarithms


Played Kahoot!

5.1 Exponents and Logs Practice Key.pdf


Day 2 - Properties of Logarithms

Played Kahoot!

5.2 Properties of Exp and Logs Key.pdf



Day 3 - Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Solving Logs and Expo Equations d1 and 2.pdf  Classwork

cw logtier.pdf Classwork instructions

5.3 Solving Exp and Log Eq Key.pdf


QUIZ; Day 4 - Applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Applications of Logarithmic and Exponential Functions.docx

PCalc cmpd int notes key.pdf

5.4 Apps of Logs Key.pdf



Day 5 - The Logistic Function 

Logistic Function Slides 

Homework 6.5 Key


Day 6 - Review Unit 6 Logarithmic and Exponential Equations

Expos and Logs Unit REVIEW ANSWERS.pdf

56-59 Answers.pdf

Typo - #41 is .25


This concludes all of the "old review" content from previous classes.  You are expected to review / relearn all of the above function types (except maybe Logistic) BEFORE new lessons start again after Spring Break!  More support videos, etc. will be posted so keep checking back!





























































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